Find Your Favorite Brand

  • B.M.E.C.


    Geared for larger men, BMEC offers masculine styling, quality construction, and great value to a segment of the population that is significantly underserved. Designed to maximize comfort, sizes range from 52mm to 62mm and longer temples measure up to 160mm. Materials include stainless steel, handmade zyl, TR90, metal trim, spring hinges, and silicone nose pads. Give the BIG guy eyewear he'll be proud to wear!
  • Eleven


    Eleven is our house brand which started already in 2005. You may find all the varieties of modern urban spectacle frames in metal, acetate or their combination.
  • Fresh


    Fresh our premium house brand which started already in 2009. Modern fashion built with excellent quality. Fresh Eyewear defines the ever changing landscape of optical frames with its premium and stylish design. The spectacular colors and dynamic optical frames have launched Fresh Eyewear into the spotlight. Fresh Eyewear is a perfect blend of quality, style, fashion and design. Come and see the world through Fresh Eyewear. Fashionable – Radiant – Exquisite – Stylish – Hip Eyewear. Come and See for yourselves.
  • Golfstar


    Golfstar is our house brand. You may find all the varieties of modern urban spectacle frames in metal, acetate or their combination.
  • Skaga


    Skaga is a genuine Swedish brand that was founded in 1948. For more than 60 years, Skaga has been created by a number of renowned Swedish designers. Today, the design legacy is still very much a part of the company and the aim of the team’s work is to create elegant Scandinavian designs with a contemporary feel. The Scandinavian design stands for values like quality and functionality as much as it does for appearance.
  • Urband


    Urband was born in Paris in 2006 with the wish to bring into an eyewear collection the wealth of hundreds of encounters and shared experiences through out the world. A fusion of people, lifestyles & colors is still today what really defines Urband.
  • Yabi


    German art-house YABI combines geometry, decoration and color to create an eyewear experience like no other. Not all Yabi frames are for all people, but each of the frames is certainly for someone.